1) Cost

Hair transplantation cost varies by graft count to be transplanted and extraction type.
If you wish you can send your photos to Dr.Erkan Demirsoy for initial assessment here.

Up to 3000-4000 grafts can be extracted daily with micromotor
Up to 1000-1500 grafts can be extracted daily with manual punch

2) Organization:

  1. Informing and Price Offer: For all of your questions about hair transplantation, you can contact us. After you send your photos, assessment by Dr.Erkan Demirsoy and Operation price are forwarded to you free of charge.
  2. Term Coordination: A term suitable for you is decided together. Your stay in Istanbul approximately lasts 2-3 days. If you want you can extend your stay, and travel the city.
  3. Transfer and Hotel reservation: After deciding a date for hair transplantation, we can make your hotel reservation and help you about the transfers between airport-hotel-hospital during your time in Istanbul. If you wish you can choose another hotel and make your reservation yourself.

Important note: If you are going to return the day after the operation, please be careful that your flight is after 3:00 PM.

Days after arriving to Istanbul:

  1. After your plane lands on Istanbul, we take you from the Airport and bring you to your Hotel with our contracted transfer company.
  2. The next day, you will be taken from your hotel by the Dr.Demirsoy's assistant and transferred to the hospital. After the consultation and examination your operation is performed. It takes approximately 6-9 hours. Regular breaks are taken during the day, and you can rest and eat. During the operation you can listen to music or watch TV.
  3. The day after the operation, you will be taken from hotel and brought to the Hospital. Dr.Demirsoy performs necessary controls, your hair is washed. Also, the information regarding hair wash and general care after the operation is provided to you, and you are taken back to your hotel. You can travel for the rest of the day or return to your country on the same day. If you are returning on the same day, your flight should not be very early (should be after 3:00 PM).
  4. You will be taken from your hotel and brought to the airport based on the time of your flight.

Important info: To not have problems regarding understanding, before and during the hair transplantation, we will have an employee providing translation.