Saç Ekiminden Sonraki Süreç

The first days:
Small rednesses and cicatrizations are formed on the transplantation area and donor area on the days after hair transplantation. These cicatrizations begin to shed in a few days. And also a small swelling forms, swellings decrease and disappear in 2-5 days.

10 Days later :
Almost all of the cicatrizations begin to shed. Redness fades and disappears day by day. 

2 – 6 Weeks later:
Most of the transplanted hair shed. The hair enters relaxing phase. This is a completely normal process.

3 Months later: 
Some of the hair starts to grow again. Growing process and rate are different in each patient. These characteristics changing from patient to patient, vary by the person's hair quality and hair nourishing ability of the transplantation area.

5 – 10 Months later:
Most of the transplanted hair is at growing process. Hair strands begin to thicken and strengthen. Visible changes begin month by month.

10 – 12 Months later :
Almost all of the hair grows. Now, strength and thickness of the hair make a great contribution to hair density. At the end of 12th month, the result is achieved. However, even though very rare, new hair growth may be seen in some patients after 12 months.