In parallel to the developments in hair surgery, starting from the year 2006, there has been a fast-paced transition to the FUE method in our country. With the FUE hair transplantation method introduced in our country, we began to use this method as well. In time, we gradually passed from the FUT technique to the FUE technique and since the FUT technique is not preferred, we no longer use this method. 

The FUE technique is the operation wherein your hair follicles are extracted one by one from the haired zone at over both ears and between the ears, that we call as donor area, via cylindrical micro tips, of 0.7 - 0.9 mm diameter. This operation of extraction is performed with the devices called manual punch or micro motor. Extracted hair units are called grafts. 1 graft can contain single, double, or triplet hair cells. FUE hair transplantation technique is a small procedure performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any other pain than couple of needle pain performed in the beginning of the procedure. Numbness starts very rapidly. You can have a chat with the doctor and the team since you are conscious during the procedure.

Based on the hair density on the area called donor from which the hair will be extracted, and person's need, it is possible to perform 2000 - 5000 grafts (4600 - 11500 hair strands) transfer in 1 session. It is more feasible to divide the to-be-performed session into 2 days for high graft counts. Your doctor can only decide how many grafts you need based on your hair strand thickness and area of requirement, by examining you closely. Even though FUE hair transplantation technique is said to be a scarless operation, there may be small hairless areas or white mark points smaller than 1 mm in diameter in the donor area. These points are not visible not by any means when the other surrounding hair grew, thus FUE hair transplantation procedure is accepted as scarless. 

Do you use manual punch or micromotor punch during the operation? Which one is more harmless? 

We are frequently confronted with these kinds of questions. In the early years of FUE technique application, operations were performed with manual punch. Graft count that could be extracted in one day was very limited (1000 - 1500 grafts). If the person who will undergo hair transplantation, needed high counts of grafts, it meant an operation that can continue for days. This situation reflected as high cost on us and the patients. In the ensuing years, the extraction was started to be performed with micromotor punches, and by achieving more graft count in proportion to manual punch in a day, the operation period was shortened and also costs were reduced.

If micromotor is performed in skilled hands, at low rotative speed, with fine-leads, and by entering the tissue with appropriate angle and depth, there will not be any kind of scar in the donor area. Using of micromotor benightedly, at high rotative speed, and with thick punches, may increase the trauma in donor area, and cause the formation of bigger scars. To put in a nutshell, nearly excellent results can be achieved in skilled hands. We leave this two-method choice to our patients. We think that most of the clinics that are still using manual punch for FUE hair transplantation, will use micromotor punch in a close future.