Life Cycle of the Hair

Life cycle of the hair is a process that may repeat 10-20 times for lifetime. In a healthy person without hair loss, average hair strand count is between 100.000-150.000. In this life cycle, an average hair loss of 100 hair strands can be accepted as normal. Life cycle of the hair consists of 3 phases;
1. Anagen Phase (Growth): A phase including health hair which grow thick and fast. Lasts 3-10 years. 85-90% of the hair is at this phase.
2. Catagen Phase: A transition period lasting 2-3 weeks. Thinning and pigment decrease start in the hair. Hair cell approximates to the skin surface. 1-2% of the hair is at this phase.
3. Telogen Phase: The phase lasting 3-4 months at which the thinned and depigmented hair sheds. New hair cell is begun to be produced. Sometimes there may be a quiet sleeping phase (Lag Phase) lasting 2-5 weeks. 13% of the hair is at this phase.